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(04:16:54 PM) The topic for #motomagic is: Android Maintainer Community for Motorola Devices | Tonight's meeting will start around 4PM CST
(04:16:59 PM) dragonzkiller: yay!
(04:17:01 PM) bikedude880: Er, D2G being what I've done
(04:17:09 PM) cvpcs: sorry i was a bit late
(04:17:13 PM) aceoyame: The man of the hour just showed up
(04:17:15 PM) bikedude880: A bit? lol
(04:17:17 PM) cvpcs: lol
(04:17:18 PM) x13thangelx: lol
(04:17:21 PM) cvpcs: assignment was due
(04:17:24 PM) bikedude880: np
(04:17:25 PM) cvpcs: totally forgot about it
(04:17:26 PM) bikedude880: Business
(04:17:31 PM) Hashcode: Epsylon3: nice work man
(04:17:32 PM) x13thangelx: oops
(04:17:32 PM) cvpcs: exactly
(04:17:33 PM) aceoyame: Yeah I will log it
(04:17:38 PM) Epsylon3: :)
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(04:17:57 PM) bikedude880: xD
(04:17:58 PM) cvpcs: sadly
(04:17:59 PM) cvpcs: lol
(04:18:07 PM) Epsylon3:
(04:18:09 PM) Epsylon3: another video
(04:18:15 PM) cvpcs: ok, so i think there are quite a few people here
(04:18:21 PM) Jewremy [~AndChat@2600:1000:b006:1b14:c9bd:c4e9:708c:2b2d] entered the room.
(04:18:21 PM) cvpcs: and i'd like to get this going since i said 4pm originally
(04:18:21 PM) Epsylon3: in french sorry
(04:18:35 PM) cvpcs: that sound good to everyone?
(04:18:41 PM) RevNumbers: sounds good
(04:18:42 PM) x13thangelx: yep
(04:18:43 PM) JBirdVegas: lets do this
(04:18:44 PM) dhacker29: yup
(04:18:50 PM) mrlase: sounds good
(04:18:53 PM) x13thangelx: think ~4 said they had to go at 4:30 anyways
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(04:19:02 PM) cvpcs: yeah
(04:19:08 PM) cvpcs: ok so here's how this is going to go
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(04:19:27 PM) cvpcs: one sec
(04:19:28 PM) cvpcs: dammit
(04:19:40 PM) Hashcode: Tease.
(04:20:11 PM) cvpcs: ok
(04:20:25 PM) cvpcs: i'm going to set the channel to +m for my original schpeel
(04:20:27 PM) mode (+m ) by cvpcs
(04:20:29 PM) cvpcs: ok
(04:20:37 PM) cvpcs: this is so that people who read the logs can get the gist of it
(04:20:39 PM) cvpcs: mitsuki is logging
(04:20:50 PM) cvpcs: once i'm done with my schpeel i will un-moderate for open discussion of the ideas
(04:20:54 PM) cvpcs: ok, let's do this shit
(04:20:57 PM) cvpcs: AHEM
(04:21:08 PM) cvpcs: so for the last few months i've noticed a problem among the Moto device trees
(04:21:15 PM) cvpcs: honestly i feel like it is true among all device trees
(04:21:18 PM) cvpcs: but we'll start with Moto for now
(04:21:27 PM) cvpcs: i spend more time looking up fixes by other devs than devving myself
(04:21:31 PM) cvpcs: users tell me about random forum posts
(04:21:36 PM) cvpcs: where i can find fixes
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(04:21:45 PM) cvpcs: and i appreciate that, but i think it could be done better
(04:21:52 PM) Jewremy [~AndChat@2600:1000:b006:1b14:c9bd:c4e9:708c:2b2d] entered the room.
(04:21:59 PM) cvpcs: i think that all of us should join forces under a single banner
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(04:22:14 PM) cvpcs: instead of forking and working on individual work and then forgetting to do pull requests or whatnot
(04:22:16 PM) Jewremy [~AndChat@2600:1000:b006:1b14:c9bd:c4e9:708c:2b2d] entered the room.
(04:22:18 PM) cvpcs: all work off of the same repos
(04:22:23 PM) cvpcs: global pull-push access
(04:22:33 PM) cvpcs: we can use personalized branches if we need to do dangerous stuff
(04:22:35 PM) cvpcs: then merge back
(04:22:41 PM) cvpcs: i.e. ics_cvpcs
(04:22:42 PM) cvpcs: or something
(04:22:48 PM) cvpcs: this would cause a few things to happen
(04:23:00 PM) cvpcs: first, it opens us to open discussion about common pieces like hijack, bootmenu, bpl, etc
(04:23:14 PM) cvpcs: we could come up with legitimate uses for device_motorola_common to make all of our lives easer
(04:23:16 PM) cvpcs: *easier
(04:23:26 PM) cvpcs: and we get propogated updates from other devs
(04:23:40 PM) cvpcs: also, if a dev comes up with a fix for their personal ROM, they would know of a group of people to tell
(04:23:49 PM) cvpcs: this group should not be ROM-specific
(04:23:59 PM) cvpcs: it should be a place to maintain keeping the hardware working
(04:24:21 PM) cvpcs: then pieces could be pulled into CM or OMFGB or whatever other roms are being used
(04:24:38 PM) cvpcs: i have named this MotoMagic so far, and started a github org for it
(04:24:44 PM) cvpcs: we get one rename if people don't like that
(04:25:01 PM) cvpcs: i also think we should come up with a place for all of us to converse
(04:25:05 PM) cvpcs: if this IRC works then great
(04:25:18 PM) cvpcs: but that way we could discuss changes to cross-device issues
(04:25:29 PM) cvpcs: i think this could really benefit our development efforts
(04:25:45 PM) cvpcs: especially if someone say implements some BOARD_* use flag somewhere that magically fixes everything
(04:25:50 PM) cvpcs: then we could all become aware of it
(04:25:56 PM) cvpcs: instead of finding out by digging around ourselves
(04:26:04 PM) cvpcs: it would just propogate because we all share the same repos
(04:26:23 PM) cvpcs: there will still be forking and fragmentation no matter what we do
(04:26:39 PM) cvpcs: but i think if we keep our repos generic and geared towards device hardware support instead of specific features of a given rom
(04:26:57 PM) cvpcs: then we could easily utilize a common repo base and remove the need for forking and customization on the device end of things
(04:27:01 PM) cvpcs: also
(04:27:40 PM) cvpcs: to make things easier on using our repos in other ROMs, and to make merging into various places easier, i propose that we use local_manifest.xml files instead of our own manifests
(04:28:01 PM) cvpcs: manifests are very specific to a given distro of android, and thus can be a pain to merge
(04:28:11 PM) Mace_ [46b259b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:28:17 PM) cvpcs: with local_manifests you only see what is different for a given setup
(04:28:39 PM) cvpcs: that's basically the gist of the idea
(04:29:11 PM) cvpcs: if people are interested, then i would start adding people to the organization, and we could start merging our codebases together into something usable for everyone
(04:29:48 PM) cvpcs: that's basically the schpiel that i had to start with.
(04:29:52 PM) cvpcs: soooooo
(04:29:54 PM) mode (-m ) by cvpcs
(04:29:58 PM) cvpcs: what do ppl think
(04:29:59 PM) aceoyame: Aceoyame, Mastafunk, Dragonzkilla and Peperm1nt for the X2
(04:30:04 PM) aceoyame: I think its awesome
(04:30:21 PM) Epsylon3: beware with local manifests
(04:30:21 PM) dhacker29: I'm definitely in
(04:30:21 PM) bikedude880: I'm completely game for this idea
(04:30:25 PM) JBirdVegas: I like it
(04:30:28 PM) Epsylon3: i ve lose many branches with that
(04:30:30 PM) x13thangelx: sounds good to me
(04:30:31 PM) Camel: cvpcs: i don't see how that really solves the fragmentation issue; roms are still going to fork to tag and stabilize, and ultimately they'll just get lazy and forget to pull request
(04:30:31 PM) RevNumbers: i'm game
(04:30:35 PM) Epsylon3: lost
(04:30:36 PM) Chubbs: im in
(04:30:52 PM) JBirdVegas: IRCs are hard to trade ideas because they are not logged
(04:30:53 PM) mrlase: I like it
(04:31:03 PM) Epsylon3: M&Ms :pp
(04:31:08 PM) aceoyame: I think it will solve fragmentation because there isnt really a need for a stable branch imo
(04:31:10 PM) Epsylon3: MotoMagics
(04:31:17 PM) aceoyame: if you want stable then when your ready commit to CM
(04:31:18 PM) cvpcs: JBirdVegas: i have a loggerbot
(04:31:21 PM) aceoyame: or where ever
(04:31:33 PM) x13thangelx: Camel: for one its easier to trace back forks if theyre all off the same branch though
(04:31:35 PM) cvpcs: Camel: this is more an attempt to re-combine after a ton of fragmentation for now
(04:31:39 PM) cvpcs: try to change the norm
(04:31:44 PM) mrlase: maybe a gerrit review system would be beneficial?
(04:31:44 PM) JBirdVegas: ok but where does that output to?
(04:31:46 PM) x13thangelx: Otherwise you have to search and hope you fine it
(04:31:48 PM) cvpcs: people fork because they want to edit the repos but don't have access
(04:31:54 PM) cvpcs: the org should allow people to have access
(04:31:57 PM) x13thangelx: find*
(04:31:58 PM) cvpcs: but just try to maintain it
(04:32:01 PM) Epsylon3: i dont like the irc loggers personally
(04:32:01 PM) cvpcs: *maintain order
(04:32:05 PM) cvpcs: it might turn into chaos
(04:32:14 PM) Camel: cvpcs: as long github is the primary entry point for commits, i don't think fragmentation is solvable
(04:32:22 PM) cvpcs: but i'm hoping it will work, and i'm willing to try
(04:32:23 PM) Epsylon3: you get your sentences 5 years layer on google
(04:32:28 PM) Epsylon3: later
(04:32:43 PM) cvpcs: JBirdVegas: it will be online as soon as i set it up, lol
(04:32:48 PM) Hashcode: Epsylon3: Or when you run for public office?
(04:32:59 PM) cvpcs: this idea kind of came to me this morning, so i'm still working out the details
(04:33:02 PM) JBirdVegas: ok I'm in
(04:33:08 PM) actngrezy: what happends when somene feels a commit should be there but others feel it shouldnt?
(04:33:14 PM) Epsylon3: no, but sometimes i say personal stuff
(04:33:26 PM) Epsylon3: which doesnt need to be on google log machine
(04:33:39 PM) bikedude880: Some sort of review process would be needed for cross-device changesb
(04:33:42 PM) actngrezy: is there going to be a sort of review
(04:33:48 PM) mrlase: gerrit would work good for that
(04:33:53 PM) Roq99 [~Roq99@] entered the room.
(04:33:58 PM) cvpcs: actngrezy: i have considered gerrit, but wasn't sure how people felt about that
(04:34:00 PM) Camel: cvpcs: i do really like the idea of a unified upstream, but the bottom line is that github doesn't have the proper permissions to facilitate it; you'd want to use gerrit, at least
(04:34:19 PM) RevNumbers: i'd be game for using gerrit
(04:34:25 PM) actngrezy: idea sounds good to me and it seems a few others as well
(04:34:31 PM) JBirdVegas: the only problem with a gerrit is who gets verified satus
(04:34:35 PM) JBirdVegas: *status
(04:34:40 PM) JBirdVegas: for what repos
(04:34:48 PM) RevNumbers: JBirdVegas, good point
(04:34:48 PM) cvpcs: that's the issue
(04:34:53 PM) actngrezy: good point
(04:35:11 PM) RevNumbers: vote based gerrit lol
(04:35:11 PM) bikedude880: And there lies the main issue
(04:35:19 PM) Camel: JBirdVegas: that's something that would work itself out over time; the important thing is that we'd be able to grant push to our own dev branches, which github can't support
(04:35:19 PM) cvpcs: does gerrit have a system for verifying based on number of +1s?
(04:35:26 PM) Epsylon3: i vote a separated gerrit
(04:35:30 PM) Epsylon3: from cm one
(04:35:32 PM) JBirdVegas: umm not sure
(04:35:36 PM) Epsylon3: to change the rules
(04:35:40 PM) cvpcs: i could look into it and set one up
(04:35:41 PM) Camel: JBirdVegas: in essence, it would remove the need to fork the repo, because you could have a branch in place of a repo
(04:36:03 PM) actngrezy: the plus one system would be great then majority would get approved
(04:36:03 PM) JBirdVegas: good point
(04:36:10 PM) Camel: JBirdVegas: for example, you can grant push branch to camel on branch camel* for all repos
(04:36:23 PM) Hashcode: Camel: I was just thinking of that
(04:36:28 PM) aceoyame: well I have to go, was good talking to you all
(04:36:34 PM) Hashcode: Camel: do everything in branches
(04:36:37 PM) JBirdVegas: later :)
(04:36:45 PM) x13thangelx: i gotta go also. Sounds good so far
(04:36:51 PM) bikedude880: With the vote-based main tracking branch
(04:36:54 PM) x13thangelx: I'll get logs from Rev and catch up later
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(04:37:06 PM) JBirdVegas: does anyone have experience setting up a gerrit system
(04:37:07 PM) cvpcs: i like these ideas
(04:37:07 PM) aceoyame: So go the CM route then
(04:37:10 PM) x13thangelx left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(04:37:13 PM) dhacker29: I think the gerrit is a good idea
(04:37:21 PM) cvpcs: gerrit has worked for CM
(04:37:22 PM) aceoyame: I concur
(04:37:22 PM) JBirdVegas: or have a server we can throw at it?
(04:37:29 PM) cvpcs: i have a server
(04:37:29 PM) Camel: JBirdVegas: yep; i maintained the durden gerrit server for a long time
(04:37:31 PM) mrlase: yeah, would be good for faciliating discussion
(04:38:01 PM) Camel: i would be happy to admin one, although i'm guessing this crowd wouldn't elect me to that position :P
(04:38:05 PM) JBirdVegas: sounds like gerrit has the group vote
(04:38:13 PM) RevNumbers: JBirdVegas, agreed
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(04:38:50 PM) cvpcs: does anyone have anything against Camel admining gerrit?
(04:38:55 PM) cvpcs: he seems to be the only one with gerrit experience
(04:38:59 PM) RevNumbers: i don't
(04:39:01 PM) bikedude880: I don't like his hump :|
(04:39:05 PM) JBirdVegas: I have no problem with that
(04:39:05 PM) RevNumbers: lol
(04:39:08 PM) cvpcs: lol
(04:39:10 PM) behemoth696 [aefc14ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:39:11 PM) dhacker29: sounds good to me
(04:39:11 PM) bikedude880: No problems here
(04:39:16 PM) mrlase: I'd be fine with taht
(04:39:20 PM) cvpcs: Camel: sounds like you just volunteered
(04:39:23 PM) Chubbs: no problems
(04:39:25 PM) cvpcs: lol
(04:39:25 PM) JBirdVegas: hahaha
(04:39:25 PM) Camel: cool
(04:39:39 PM) cvpcs: Camel: do you have a server or do you need it setup first?
(04:39:40 PM) Camel: do we have hosting?
(04:39:43 PM) cvpcs: i have some hosting
(04:39:48 PM) Camel: i would just drop an ec2 instance
(04:39:48 PM) RevNumbers: look at this, our first election :)
(04:39:50 PM) RevNumbers: O:-)
(04:39:56 PM) cvpcs: ec2 ?
(04:39:57 PM) JBirdVegas: so for starters say the maintainers would get to verify stuff to the main branch?
(04:40:08 PM) Camel: cvpcs: amazon elastic cloud compute
(04:40:22 PM) cvpcs: yep i have no idea what that is
(04:40:22 PM) Camel: cvpcs: is running on ec2
(04:40:46 PM) Camel: it's basically a vm in the cloud; runs on xen and such, and you can move it around and make snapshots and such really easily
(04:41:02 PM) RevNumbers: damn... that's pretty cool
(04:41:08 PM) Camel: it's not 100% reliable (reddit goes down occasionally), but it's handy and easy
(04:41:14 PM) fightinillini94 [26724393@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:41:22 PM) Camel: and it's pretty cheap too
(04:41:27 PM) mrlase: I think reddit goes down from the sheer amount of traffic, not amazon per se
(04:41:34 PM) Camel: i've been paying about $0.12/month for and friends
(04:41:37 PM) mrlase: could be wrong though
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(04:41:58 PM) mrlase: what size instance is that on, Camel?
(04:42:03 PM) Camel: free tier
(04:42:09 PM) JBirdVegas: damn thats cheap
(04:42:13 PM) mrlase: ahh okay, my free tier just ran out
(04:42:40 PM) Camel: the $0.12 is actually for snapshot hosting, since that isn't included
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(04:43:15 PM) JBirdVegas: ahh
(04:43:24 PM) JBirdVegas: that makes more sense
(04:43:27 PM) cvpcs: Camel: i already have some hosting i could provide for now and we could see how that goes
(04:43:35 PM) cvpcs: depending
(04:43:43 PM) Camel: either way; doesn't amtter to me
(04:43:58 PM) Camel: i've got some scripts that can even chat in irc when someoen uploads or whatever
(04:44:08 PM) cvpcs: what systems does gerrit run on? tomcat?
(04:44:14 PM) Camel: basically commit hooks, except they're gerrit hooks (upload review push etc)
(04:44:16 PM) Roq99: if you guys need a mirror for files or hosting whatever lmk i get free hosting
(04:44:25 PM) Roq99:
(04:44:26 PM) drod2169 [ad41455f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:45:04 PM) Hashcode: Camel: That would be interesting
(04:45:06 PM) Camel: cvpcs: it's distributed as a war you can use in any container, but it's also a jar you can just run
(04:45:19 PM) Camel: we ran it in tomcat for droiddev
(04:45:34 PM) cvpcs: works for me
(04:45:51 PM) [mbm] [mbm@openwrt/developer/mbm] entered the room.
(04:45:58 PM) cvpcs: oh nice
(04:46:00 PM) cvpcs: embedded database
(04:46:13 PM) JBirdVegas: cvpcs: you have a domain register you use?
(04:46:17 PM) cvpcs: yeah
(04:46:34 PM) Camel: hover <3
(04:46:37 PM) JBirdVegas: cool what else needs to be worked out
(04:46:43 PM) JBirdVegas: ?
(04:47:07 PM) actngrezy: what about who submits this to cm
(04:47:16 PM) actngrezy: when branches get updates and what not
(04:47:33 PM) cvpcs: i think that would be determined within the team that works on a given device
(04:47:35 PM) [mbm]: figure out a better way to boot .. sick of all this hijack and 2ndinit stuff
(04:47:40 PM) Camel: i think those are details that will evolve over time, actngrezy
(04:47:50 PM) actngrezy: k
(04:47:51 PM) mastafunk [~maru@] entered the room.
(04:48:07 PM) SATS [] entered the room.
(04:48:18 PM) mastafunk: howdy all :)
(04:48:30 PM) Camel: [mbm]: agreed; we need a proper kexec
(04:48:45 PM) CEnnis91 [u3543@gateway/web/] entered the room.
(04:48:52 PM) bikedude880: kexec can't happen iirc without kernel support
(04:49:06 PM) mastafunk: indeed
(04:49:15 PM) [mbm]: Camel: yep, happy to work with anhone who knows the kernel at that level of detail
(04:49:16 PM) Camel: bikedude880: not entirely true; a kernel mod could do it in theory
(04:49:24 PM) JBirdVegas: could we drop a kernel module in to add support or would if require to be built into the kernel
(04:49:25 PM) bikedude880: Yeah, thought about that
(04:49:37 PM) bikedude880: Not sure how deep kexec goes
(04:49:39 PM) mastafunk: pretty sure kexex has to be built in
(04:49:46 PM) mastafunk: kexec
(04:49:56 PM) [mbm]: bikedude880: kexec can work as a module, just that debugging it is a bit of a bitch
(04:49:58 PM) JBirdVegas: :(
(04:50:24 PM) mrlase: hadn't someone gotten it to work awhile back but radios and such wouldnt work? could be wrong
(04:50:43 PM) JBirdVegas: ? don't remember that?
(04:50:46 PM) [mbm]: that was 2ndboot back on the milestone
(04:50:47 PM) Epsylon3: droidx2334# cat kallsyms_defy.txt | grep kexec
(04:50:47 PM) Epsylon3: c007e9ec W compat_sys_kexec_load
(04:50:47 PM) Epsylon3: c007e9ec W sys_kexec_load
(04:50:54 PM) Mace_ left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(04:51:03 PM) mrlase: hmm maybe thats what I'm thinking of, [mbm]
(04:51:17 PM) EGilk [] entered the room.
(04:51:36 PM) [mbm]: 2ndboot is a bit messy; code doesn't shutdown the original kernel cleanly
(04:51:42 PM) dhacker29: So how do we get added to the github org?
(04:52:01 PM) [mbm]: kexec code is cleaner but apparently broken on arm v7
(04:52:24 PM) Epsylon3: (and should be made before android boot)
(04:52:33 PM) [mbm]: and afaik nobody has gotten kexec working
(04:52:43 PM) behemoth696 [4a6c5ef9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:53:10 PM) JBirdVegas: brb
(04:53:15 PM) Epsylon3: bootmenu provides a shell on startup, before the android init
(04:53:35 PM) Epsylon3: you can have many things working you cant use when android is loaded
(04:53:50 PM) [mbm]: yes, but you need 2ndboot or kexec if you intend to do any real kernel work
(04:53:55 PM) Epsylon3: like cat /proc/kmsg
(04:54:43 PM) [mbm]: if you just want a shell it's easy enough to start adbd in logwrapper
(04:55:20 PM) Epsylon3: yea, or the recovery
(04:55:23 PM) Epsylon3:
(04:55:41 PM) Epsylon3: its a start :p
(04:55:48 PM) cvpcs: man, gerrit setup sure is self-contained o.O
(04:56:14 PM) Camel: cvpcs: yeah it's pretty good nowadays; it used to be harder
(04:56:49 PM) Camel: it gets more interesting when you start writing hooks
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(04:59:20 PM) Hashcode: So next steps for us as devs should be? put our device board / vendor boar gits in?
(04:59:29 PM) Hashcode: board
(05:01:39 PM) dhacker29: Oh if any of ya'll are having trouble with sdcard mounting I forked the cm vold and added back the auto mount patch to the ics branch
(05:03:25 PM) cvpcs: Hashcode: i'm not entirely certain yet. we need to get some lists together for teams to add to the gerrit
(05:03:31 PM) cvpcs: who works on what devices
(05:03:35 PM) Camel: can we extend this to be a full pure aosp repo?
(05:03:42 PM) Camel: something of a template for others to follow..
(05:04:07 PM) cvpcs: Camel: you mean purely for device fixes
(05:04:14 PM) cvpcs: and make it pure AOSP
(05:04:20 PM) cvpcs: it's definitely a thought
(05:04:20 PM) ghostRdr [] entered the room.
(05:04:23 PM) Camel: cvpcs: i mean we do device/* and build against aosp
(05:04:28 PM) CEnnis91: cvpcs: Camel: i like that idea
(05:04:53 PM) Camel: i'm persontally actually not that interested in device/*, i'm more of a frameworks/base guy myself
(05:05:06 PM) cvpcs: i'm not against the idea
(05:05:08 PM) Camel: but obviously device/* is critical to unlocking everything else
(05:05:08 PM) CEnnis91: im sure it would be easier to maintain too
(05:05:23 PM) cvpcs: getting things to work for a device requires some changes to add support for the device in framework
(05:05:30 PM) Camel: that way cm can treat device/* as upstream from motomagic
(05:05:53 PM) Camel: cvpcs: sure, of course it does. that's why i think it's important to think of it as a complete rom, but focus only on porting aosp
(05:06:41 PM) dhacker29: cvpcs: you can add me for the BIONIC please
(05:07:09 PM) cvpcs: dhacker29: i probably won't be able to keep track of everything in here, so here's what i want people to do
(05:07:12 PM) cvpcs: ATTN PPLZ
(05:07:17 PM) cvpcs: I MAY REGRET THIS
(05:07:18 PM) CEnnis91: cvpcs: also is this only going to start with ICS, or are you including a froyo/gb branch for devices that cant get to ICS
(05:07:48 PM) cvpcs: THUS I CAN COMPILE LISTS
(05:07:58 PM) Epsylon3: make a google folder
(05:08:00 PM) Epsylon3: :)
(05:08:14 PM) Camel: CEnnis91: i'm sure that will depend on what devs want to do
(05:08:25 PM) cvpcs: Epsylon3: good idea, this is the quick and dirty way for now, lol
(05:08:31 PM) Epsylon3: ^^
(05:08:36 PM) CEnnis91: Camel: i think at the very least we need a gingerbread branch
(05:08:43 PM) CEnnis91: but thats just my opinion
(05:08:57 PM) actngrezy: i saw about aosp is this going to be built for aosp or cm?
(05:09:11 PM) cvpcs has changed the topic to: Android Maintainer Community for Motorola Devices | For now PM CVPCS with your contact info and what devices you dev for so he may compile a list of interested parties.
(05:09:23 PM) cvpcs: actngrezy: the idea is that this is not CM-specific
(05:09:33 PM) Epsylon3: i agree
(05:09:35 PM) actngrezy: k awesome!
(05:09:37 PM) cvpcs: this is more like an upstream of pure AOSP
(05:09:45 PM) bikedude880: AWEOMSE
(05:09:48 PM) cvpcs: i'll be pulling work from here into CM for the devices i maintain for CM
(05:09:57 PM) bikedude880: I already had an AOSP repo going for the D2G :D
(05:10:01 PM) cvpcs: i would expect other ROM maintainers to do the same
(05:10:05 PM) actngrezy: now since that is the case are other repos going to be upped for fixes in places such as system/vold etc etc
(05:10:13 PM) Epsylon3: actually ics cm state is almost aosp, except the forks on github
(05:10:23 PM) cvpcs: Epsylon3: for now it is
(05:10:30 PM) Camel: right, this would take the place of aosp for people who don't have nexus device, basically
(05:10:40 PM) Epsylon3: they are preparing a 4.1 release i heard
(05:10:54 PM) Camel: if someone wanted to dev a rom, they could fork motomagic instead of aosp + 8 weeks of porting
(05:11:28 PM) bikedude880: It's that stepping stool to rom dev
(05:11:33 PM) jamespet [] entered the room.
(05:11:51 PM) fightinillini94 left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(05:11:57 PM) Camel: and for that reason it might make sense to remove moto from the name - i dont see any reason to exclude other manufacturers
(05:12:05 PM) Camel: but certainly moto is a good place to start
(05:12:26 PM) EGilk513 [] entered the room.
(05:12:28 PM) EGilk513 left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(05:12:43 PM) EGilk513 [] entered the room.
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(05:13:06 PM) cvpcs: Camel: we'll leave it moto for now
(05:13:12 PM) cvpcs: we get 1 name change
(05:13:17 PM) CEnnis91: #androidmagic
(05:13:22 PM) cvpcs: if it works well for the moto people then we can change it
(05:13:23 PM) Camel: heh
(05:13:23 PM) CEnnis91: done
(05:13:47 PM) Camel: sure
(05:13:56 PM) Hashcode: Maybe we won't blow the name change right away :0
(05:14:06 PM) Hashcode: And see how we feel in a week
(05:14:10 PM) cvpcs: agreed
(05:14:17 PM) Camel: definitely
(05:14:19 PM) cvpcs: i already got for the gerrit anyway :p
(05:14:20 PM) cvpcs: lol
(05:14:23 PM) cvpcs: i'm invested damn it
(05:14:37 PM) bikedude880: Okay, then we /have/ to change it :P
(05:15:01 PM) actngrezy: so if this is the case and people will be able to fork motomagic then other repositories would need to be upped beside the device setups. are we allowed to up repos or only push fixes to devices
(05:15:02 PM) Epsylon3: MAPphone ?
(05:15:04 PM) Epsylon3: :p
(05:15:10 PM) Epsylon3: Moto Android Port
(05:15:48 PM) Hashcode: Epsylon3: I always wondered this
(05:15:52 PM) Camel: actngrezy: we'd fork aosp for any other repos that need to be changed to support building aosp for that device
(05:15:53 PM) Paul_C: #cyborgthaumaturgy
(05:15:54 PM) Epsylon3: its maybe the real sense of this board name
(05:16:09 PM) Camel: #droiddev
(05:16:15 PM) Camel: :)
(05:16:19 PM) EGilk left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(05:16:21 PM) actngrezy: does anyone work on the razor in here
(05:16:40 PM) Camel: alas, i've go tot run - drop me a pm if ther'es anything important
(05:17:24 PM) Hashcode: actngrezy only the Eur RAZR has a fastboot atm
(05:17:38 PM) HitmanDreams [] entered the room.
(05:17:50 PM) Hashcode: Not saying there's no RAZR devs as there probably are, but that's part of the hold up.
(05:17:58 PM) Hashcode: And wow for bad grammar.
(05:18:08 PM) Epsylon3: i dont have heard about MS3 yet
(05:18:19 PM) Epsylon3: its unlocked too ?
(05:18:26 PM) Chubbs: Im a complete irc noob, how do i pm cvcps?
(05:18:36 PM) Donlad: you query somebody
(05:18:37 PM) Paul_C: /msg cvcps
(05:18:39 PM) Epsylon3: double click
(05:18:41 PM) Epsylon3: :p
(05:18:44 PM) Hashcode: ^^
(05:18:45 PM) Chubbs: thanks
(05:18:46 PM) Epsylon3: on his name
(05:18:48 PM) CEnnis91: Chubbs: now do that all at once
(05:18:49 PM) OneTwoThreeDerp [] entered the room.
(05:18:59 PM) HitmanDreams: asking before hand is a good practice too
(05:19:01 PM) Hashcode: Epsylon3: In that video it looked like rotation was fixed.
(05:19:10 PM) Epsylon3: it is
(05:19:20 PM) Hashcode: Epsylon3: just the 1 overlay change?
(05:19:21 PM) Epsylon3: but in a wrong way
(05:19:26 PM) Epsylon3: hmm
(05:19:36 PM) Epsylon3: almost
(05:19:53 PM) Epsylon3: but !
(05:19:53 PM) Hashcode: From my tests I always got a 1 back for mLidOpen
(05:20:05 PM) Epsylon3: check Launcher2 AndroidManifest.xml
(05:20:06 PM) Hashcode: oddly
(05:20:12 PM) Epsylon3: yea me too
(05:20:18 PM) Epsylon3: its the second change
(05:20:21 PM) Hashcode: Even when I had the keyboard out..
(05:20:40 PM) Epsylon3: but that is for launcher only
(05:20:44 PM) Hashcode: *nod
(05:20:47 PM) Epsylon3: if i remember
(05:20:50 PM) bikedude880: Epsylon3: It's "Motorola Android Platform Phone"
(05:20:53 PM) Hashcode: PhoneWindowManager?
(05:20:57 PM) bikedude880: No joke
(05:21:05 PM) Epsylon3: oh thanks :)
(05:21:20 PM) Epsylon3: its one of my todays commits
(05:21:23 PM) Epsylon3: hmm
(05:21:42 PM) Epsylon3: damn, ive a lot
(05:21:44 PM) dhacker29: Anyone else having a problem with clock force closing?
(05:22:12 PM) Epsylon3: how bad
(05:22:20 PM) Epsylon3: i forgot to push it on github
(05:22:33 PM) dhacker29: everytime it forcecloses at startup logcat shows a problem with alarms.db
(05:22:36 PM) jamespet left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(05:23:17 PM) Hashcode: Am I the only one who is surprised that there are 30 people in here?
(05:23:22 PM) Epsylon3: yep policy/src/com/android/internal/policy/impl/
(05:23:24 PM) dhacker29: NO
(05:23:27 PM) Epsylon3: void readLidState() {
(05:23:27 PM) Epsylon3: + mLidOpen = LID_ABSENT;
(05:23:27 PM) Epsylon3: +/*
(05:23:42 PM) Chubbs: /msg
(05:23:45 PM) HitmanDreams: I think it's nice to see so many
(05:23:54 PM) Chubbs: oops
(05:23:56 PM) cvpcs: sweet, our DNS is propogating
(05:24:04 PM) cvpcs: now i just need the server working properly
(05:24:14 PM) Paul_C: details
(05:24:15 PM) Epsylon3: motomagic ?
(05:24:18 PM) cvpcs: yeah
(05:24:24 PM) CEnnis91: Hashcode: that sounds about right
(05:24:28 PM) Epsylon3: dot ?
(05:24:42 PM) simpleirc308 [] entered the room.
(05:25:19 PM) cvpcs: Epsylon3: org
(05:25:33 PM) cvpcs: right now it doesn't have anything setup
(05:25:38 PM) cvpcs: we'll have